78% of customers would be more likely to purchase from a retailer again if its offers were targeted to their interests, wants or needs. 86% would be willing to pay up to 25% more for a better experience.

Infosys 2014
Tagging products so they can be tracked has huge benefits for retailers. Using tags, retailers can expect sales lifts in the 2% to 7% range.

Bill Hardgrave of Auburn University
51% of the world’s top global marketers expect IoT will revolutionize the marketing landscape by 2020.

50 billion devices will be connected online by 2020. It can make money by helping companies build technology infrastructure to accommodate the deluge of connected devices and the data that comes with them.

Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco


Increases awareness and engagement with products and brands
Offers an enhanced shopping experience with no delays, no annoying offers or disruptive promos
Any Thing becomes active, or even better interactive, and fun.
Omni-Connects Things with shoppers and customers
Customize ExplorIoT solution to meet your goals


The MPASS ExplorIoT platform is the answer to the new generation of customers, shoppers, and consumers who are looking for an enhanced shopping experience with no delays, no annoying offers or disruptive promos….

The ExplorIoT platform connects Things with shoppers and customers. Through motion, pressure, light and location sensors the platform enhances shopping experience, and by using call-to-action methods increases awareness and engagement with products and brands. ExplorIoT includes several enhanced modules like loyalty and reward engines, CRMs, omni-channel modules, natural processing language, social media integration, campaign management, analytics &insights, mobile payments and CMS dashboards. ExplorIoT fulfills the sales or promotion objectives of vendors, retailers, merchants and marketers.  


Shoppers learn every Thing about your product. Rich texts and videos automatically appear on their mobile handsets.

Shoppers have fun with any Thing. Game mechanics reward the shopper’s curiosity to find out more about your product or service.

Shoppers can ask about any Thing. Quick automated responses to personalized text messages can provide better customer service and support.

Shoppers enjoy sharing views, thoughts and experiences. They Tweet or Post about your Thing and share your product or service offers, benefits and features.

Shoppers are rewarded for their interaction with the Thing. Impulse buying discounts and personalized offers increase your ROIs.

Mobile payment is integrated to boost sales for the Thing. Customer satisfaction is upgraded when POS queues are avoided.


ExplorIoT provides:

enriched information about any Thing
feedback to custom questions about any Thing
gamification services to learn the features for any Thing
socializing opportunities for users about any Thing
the opportunity of capturing customers’ insights based on their shopping interest for a Thing

Using ExplorIoT, Things like a bottle of wine, a pair of designer shoes, a modern dress, an original handbag,
a new book, a house lamp, a body lotion, a coffee machine become more active, or even better interactive, omni-present and fun.


Grocery Stores chains
Mobile Operators
Automobile suppliers

Family clothing shops
Super Markets
Do it Yourself chains

Home suppliers
Furniture shops
Apparel and accessories stores

Electronic equipment retailers
Eating and beverage places
Hobby, toys and games shops

Drugs stores
Cosmetics stores


MPASS is the right partner for

Consulting on how to customize the ExlplorIoT platform to meet your business requirements and maximize ROIs
Deploying the IoT infrastructure on the retail sector, your point of sale
Integrating the appropriate mechanisms to boost experience, such as social media, fun&game mechanics, language processing
tools, reward engines, personalized offers, proximity and mobile payments
Capturing and measuring shoppers’ insights and capitalizing on the received preferences and analytics
Maximizing the benefits of ExplorIoT cloud service with several IoT installations in a SaaS model



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